Day 6 : Eleday

Day 6 : Eleday

I wouldn’t trust Google Maps with my life but I just had to hope I got it right. I ask Lia, the Brazilian Babylonian, to wait for me in the tuk-tuk. I explore the street on my own, following the blue arrow. I think it’s nearby.

A kid follows me asking for chocolate. I don’t have any but he thinks I’m bluffing. I return to the tuk-tuk. The kid gives up. “This way”

I head towards the gate. Lia and the tuk-tuk driver are right behind me. I knock. A limping old man opens. No, that’s not it. I turn around. There’s another gate just like it. I knock. Someone opens and invites me to the garden.

“Excuse me, is this…”

I don’t even have the time to finish my sentence. I turn around and here they are.

I have never seen an elephant up close. Imagine my reaction when I saw almost a dozen of them staring right back at me.

“Lia, we’re here!”

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