Well hi there!
I bet you’re all wondering why the blog’s name is Storks & Bridges. If you never did, now you are (you’re welcome). I wrote and published my own book (it’s in French, glad/sorry to break it to you). It’s called Le Passage (The Passageway). There’s a bridge on the cover, and the characters in all 3 of the short stories are building metaphorical bridges and reaching a better place. The storks? Glad you asked. In my book, they don’t carry babies, they bring change. This is what Storks & Bridges is about.

Awkwardly enough, it turned into a travel blog. In summer 2015, I spent a month in India and over a week in Nepal. I’m planning to write more, documenting my trips in Lebanon and abroad.

This is basically it. A blog about people, mishaps and good haps (yes, I made up a word).

Me? I’m a twenty-something, technically Lebanese person. I’m trying to drink more tea and less coffee and I’m spending lots of time on Expedia & Trip Advisor, not booking anything, just checking out places. No shame in that.

If you like the blog, share the love. If you have stories, share them as well.


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